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Michael Tompsett


Art and design has interested me since an early age, so much so that art class was the one lesson at school i genuinely looked forward to every week. After school and university I had the fortune to be able continue my passion, working as a senior designer at Conde Nast Publications in London. After an exhilarating 12 years I bid farewell to my job and England, and moved a couple of thousand miles south to Spain. I now dedicate myself full time to my artistic pursuits in the tranquil and idyllic surroundings of a Mediterranean coastal village.

Michael Tompsett's work can also be found under the artPause brand.

All artwork is copyright of Michael Tompsett. Copyright does not transfer with purchase of products.


Birmingham England Skyline


Sheffield England Skyline


Belfast Northern Ireland Skyline


Indianapolis Indiana Skyline


Singapore Skyline


Coventry England Skyline


Memphis Tennessee Skyline


Adelaide Australia Skyline


Glasgow Scotland Skyline


Newcastle England Skyline


Berlin Germany Skyline


Buffalo New York Skyline


Calcutta Kolkata India Skyline


Melbourne Skyline


Brisbane Australia Skyline


Barcelona Spain Skyline


St Louis Missouri Skyline


Oxford England Skyline


Edinburgh Scotland Skyline


El Paso Texas Skyline


Seattle Washington Skyline


Calcutta Kolkata India Skyline


Leeds England Skyline


Chicago Illinois Skyline


New York Skyline